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14.Nov.2014: added v1.1 Expansion Pack Download
01.Nov.2014: added the Development Patch page to NLD website.
18.Dec.2014: Features to add later - Bloater Chunk Explosion Skin Patch, Lightning Recharge Nerf.

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v1.11 Final November Patch
Date Modified: November 15 2014, 6:20PM
Description: Balance Updates
- Removed Longbow Overheat
- Reduced Longbow ShotDelay -0.2
- Increased Longbow Charge Damage +200
- Increased Flintlock Rifle Damage +500
- Increased Tommy Gun Damage +100

Download v1.1
v1.1 MultiPlayer Patch
Date Modified: November 14 2014, 6:00PM
Description: Official Release of version 1.1 Expansion
- Increased Hummer VehicleFlame DamageStartPercent from 5% to 20%
- Reduced Hummer ForwardSpeed -5
- Reduced Hummer HP to 15K-50
- Doubled Hummer Turret Damage and DamageRadius
- Removed 2/3 Comets from Sky
- Increased AutoTurret Shot Velocity, Damage, HeatRecoverRate, and LaserWidth
- Recalibrated Melee Weapon SwingSpeed to: Brass=0.2, Katana=0.4, Crowbar=0.5, Axe=0.6, Knife=0.7, Bat=0.8
- Added new Zombie Units: Witch (HP=5K+500) and Hellspawn (HP=10K+250)
- Added new Telekinesis and Lightning Bolt Weapons
- Added new Zombie Melee Weapons: Staff=0.5, Glaive=0.4
- Relocated Underground Capture Regions to House for Higher Zombie Aggression
- Increased Bloater Gas Damage +500
- Changed Hammer and Sledgehammer AnimationBank from Tool to Grenade
- Doubled Gun Cabinet Ammo Restore Rate
- Increased Controller AutoAim LockOnAngle +90
- Changed Swarmer and Feeder UnitType from Trooper to Assault
- Combined 3 Zombie Factions into 2 Factions for reduced Team Kills
- Improved Zombie Spawn Path Randomization
- Modified Sky View and Light Settings
- Refined NearScene, MidScene, and FarScene Ranges for Maximized FPS
- Added 15 second Reload to Telekinesis
- Tweaked Lightning Bolt ODF Values
- Reduced Shotgun Reload -0.5 seconds
- Added Neon Bloater Flood Glow
- Increased Bloater Bile Range +1.5
- Increased Flintlock Rifle Velocity +500
- Increased Shotgun Push +1.0 and Explosive Arrow Push +0.5
- Increased HP of Brute 1000+200, FleshEater 500+20, Reaver 500+10
- Increased Helen's HP 1500+50 and RunSpeed +0.5
- Increased Board Barricade Health +1000
- Reduced Hammer HeatPerShot to 0.16 and SledgeHammer HeatPerShot to 0.18
- Increased Hammer LockOnRange to 3.5 and SledgeHammer LockOnRange to 4.0
- Increased Hammer/SledgeHammer BuildingHealth/BuildingBuild Rates to 2500/3250 and 5000/6500
- Increased Zombie Barricade Destruction Damage +20%
- Swapped Military Trooper's AutoTurret for SledgeHammer
- Increased Military Spawn Count to Easy=16, Medium=32, Hard=64
- Increased Zombie Spawn Count to Easy=35, Medium=75, Hard=120
- Doubled Shotgun Explosive Damage and DamageRadius
- Added Endor Tree Walls with Nocollision to Forest Boundary as intended for v1.0
- Expanded Forest outside House
- Removed Green Wall Textures from Tree Wall
- Reduced Zombie Speed -0.5 for Ghoul, Thrall, Rotter, Swarmer, and Feeder
- Reduced Zombie Speed -1.0 for Brute, FleshEater, Reaver, and Witch
- Patched various LUA, ODF, Sound, and World Bugs from v1.09
- Relocated Helicopter Land Hintnode to Barn Roof
- Added Hookah to Basement
- Added Barbwire Fence Barricade to Basement (model by RepublicCommando)
- Improved NLD MiniMap Texture (color 316dc7)
- Added Explosive Zombie Melee Weapon to Sheriff McClellan
- Disabled Captures for Team 3 (Weaker Zombies)
- Increased Brute Ammunition Drop Rates from 25% to 33%
- Improved Foliage Color
- HP and Healing Rates of Human Survivors Increased slightly
- Disabled Bird and Water Ambience for Greater Zombie Sound Effects
- Disabled Zombie Models from Darkening for Higher Texture Quality
- Replaced Judy's AutoTurret with Hammer for Clone Wars
- Disabled Hummer and Tank for Clone Wars due to crashes (Helicopter works)
- Added MultiPlayer Functionality for Clone Wars Era
- Updated Design Document and Official NLD Distribution Package

Download v1.09
v1.09 Beta Patch
Date Modified: November 09 2014, 2:20PM
Description: Beta update of several features listed above for testing until v1.1 patch is released. Over 50 updates from v1.08 to be included in v1.1 patch.
v1.09 Mission LUA Script

Download v1.08
v1.08 Side Patch
Date Modified: November 07 2014, 2:00AM
Description: Balance Updates
- Increased Flintlock Rifle Ammo +4 clips and Revolver Ammo +3 clips
- Increased Tommy Gun Ammo +3 clips and Revolver Ammo +2 clips
- Increased Molotov Ammo +3 clips
- Reduced Flintlock Rifle ZoomMin/Max Values -1.5
- Patched OptimalRange and MaxRange Values for Revolvers
- Reduced Revolvers ShotDelay -0.08 seconds
- Reduced Revolvers Reload -0.05 seconds

Download v1.07
v1.07 World Patch
Date Modified: November 07 2014, 1:52AM
Description: Critical Bugfixes
- Fixed Basement Capture Region Bug
- Fixed Upstairs Capture Region Bug
- Darkened the Sky AmbientColor from 20 to 15
- Darkened the Terrain Color and Improved Ground Textures
- Relocated Invisible Walls and Field CP Capture Region further out
- Added more Trees outside House
- Fixed Invisible Roof Glitch from v1.05
- Fixed Spawn Path Bugs from v1.05

Download v1.06
v1.06 Side Patch
Date Modified: November 06 2014, 11:25PM
Description: Balance Updates
- Increased Hammer HeatRecoverRate +0.1
- Reduced Hammer HeatPerShot -0.025
- Reduced Shotgun, Tommy Gun, and Handgun Reload -1 second
- Reduced Rifle Reload -2 seconds
- Reduced Molotov Reload -0.5 seconds
- Increased MaxRange +0.5 and Reduced OptimalRange -1.5 for Zombie Nades
- Increased Zombie Nades LockOnRange +30
- Reduced Rifle ShotDelay -0.1 seconds
- Increased Judy Longbow Ammo +5 clips

Download v1.05
v1.05 World Patch
Date Modified: November 06 2014, 5:53PM
Description: AI Pathing & Environment Patch
- Reduced Playable Environment by moving Invisible Walls closer to House
BUG: OrdnanceCollision="None" doesn't work with Invisible Wall Model, shots cutoff closer than before
- Relocated Capture Region for Field CP to prevent Zombies Retreating to the North
- Patched Gas Pump Barriers
- Fixed Floating Trees and Bathtub Arm
- Doubled Hummer ForwardSpeed
- Increased Transparency of Aquarium Glass +50% to see the Formaldehyde Tanks better
- Added 5 Minute Respawn to the Gas Pump Propane Tank
- Split Spawn Paths for Upstairs, Basement, and House CPs (suggested by gdh92)

Download v1.04
v1.04 Side Patch
Date Modified: November 06 2014, 4:55PM
Description: Critical Patches
- Updated the Knife Model to the Kitchen Knife Model intended for v1.0
- Increased Tom's Shotgun and Handgun Ammo +4 clips
- Increased Shotgun Damage +250
- Increased Shotgun DamageScale vs Bloaters +50%
- Increased Shotgun Velocity +70
- Reduced Tommy Gun Damage -100
- Reduced Handgun ShotDelay -0.03
- Patched Handgun Overheat Bug
- Recalibrated Melee Weapon SwingSpeed as follows: Katana=0.5, Crowbar=0.6, Axe=0.7, Knife=0.8, Bat=0.9
- Recalibrated Zombie Melee SwingSpeed as follows: Fast=0.6, Medium=0.9, Slow=1.2 (old values 0.7, 0.9, 1.1)
- Upgraded Johnny and Funeral Director from Medium to Fast Melee
- Increased Helicopter Copilot Rocket Explosion Damage from 300 to 3000
- Modified Helicopter Speed Values for Stationary Hover
- Patched Helen Low Health Bug from 600 to 6000

Download v1.03
v1.03 World Patch
Date Modified: November 02 2014, 12:20AM
Description: Sky Patch
- Added 3 Comets with Swirling Plasma Effects to the Sky (assets by Sereja)

Download v1.02
v1.02 Side Patch
Date Modified: November 01 2014, 11:53PM
Description: Controller Support Patch
- Enabled Controller AutoAim Support for the Tommy Gun, Shotgun, Revolvers, Handgun, Rifle, and AutoTurret
- Lowered OptimalRange of Flamethrower -100
- Increased MaxRange of Military Weapons to 9999
- Increased Shotgun PitchSpread +1.0 and YawSpread +0.5
- Increased Explosive Shotgun Damage +50 and Radius +0.1
- Reduced Shotgun Push -0.5

Download v1.01
v1.01 Side Patch
Date Modified: November 01 2014, 9:17PM
Description: Balance Updates
- Increased Hammer and SledgeHammer LockOnRange +0.75 and LockOnAngle +15 (suggested by gdh92)
- Increased Cooper RunSpeed +0.5
- Doubled Brute AddHealth rate to 800
- Changed Bloater HealthType to Droid
- Doubled Molotov DamageScale vs Bloaters
- Increased Molotov Damage +1000 and Damage Radius +1.0
- Increased Propane Push and Damage Radius +3.0
- Increased AutoTurret Damage +250

Download v1.0
Download Soundtrack
v1.0 Official Mod
Date Modified: October 31 2014, 6:00PM
Description: Official release of version 1.0 on Halloween